How to Choose a LinkedIn Headshot and Make the Best First Impression

VengresoLinkedIn How to Choose a LinkedIn Headshot and Make the Best First Impression
What should a Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture Look Like

How to Choose a LinkedIn Headshot and Make the Best First Impression

Have you ever received a connection request from someone without a LinkedIn headshot on their profile? If you didn’t recognize the name, it’s probably safe to say you clicked “Ignore.”

You don’t want to browse LinkedIn anonymously, but you shouldn’t do it without a LinkedIn headshot either. The best LinkedIn profiles have a professional business photograph.

Continue reading or watch the first of Chuck’s Quick Tip of the Week videos below! This week he talks all about choosing the best LinkedIn profile picture.

Are you using a photo that’s making you look bad? Keep reading to find out!

Here are 10 LinkedIn Profile Picture no-nos for #Sales and #marketing pros shared by #DigitalSales coach @ChuckShaver. Make sure your profile pic isn't like any one of these! #SellingWithLinkedInClick To Tweet

Does Your LinkedIn Headshot Fall into One Of These Categories?

A professional business headshot immediately adds to your credibility on LinkedIn. Let’s take a look at the top ten lousy profile images people are using on the platform.

  1. No photo.
  2. A photo with your significant other.
  3. A photo where you crop out other people.
  4. A photograph with your entire family.
  5. A casual photo that was taken in a car.
  6. A photo that says, “I didn’t shave that week.”
  7. A picture of you playing a sport.
  8. A photo from St. Patrick’s Day or some other event.
  9. An old or poor-quality picture.
  10. A photo with your pet.

In the video, Chuck even shared some examples of his own photos which he says are great for Facebook, but not for a B2B platform. Does your LinkedIn profile image fall into one of these categories? If so, it’s time for an update!

Think about how the photos above will make you appear to other LinkedIn users, specifically those who are prospective customers. The first impression is everything, and online there are fewer factors people can judge you on. In our State of Digital Selling with LinkedIn 2019 report, 80% of the 862 surveyed responded their LinkedIn headshot was professional or “acceptable for business.” That leaves 20% of respondents with an unacceptable image or no photo!

Don’t let a poor choice for your LinkedIn profile picture give you the appearance of being unprofessional and uncommitted to networking on LinkedIn.

Once you update your picture, it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile background in Chuck’s Quick Tip of the Week #2. Too many sellers aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to reinforce your personal brand.

There are some pictures that are great for Facebook, but not for a #B2B platform. As a #Sales leader, make sure that your reps have a professional #LinkedIn profile headshot. @ChuckShaver #DigitalSelling #SalesLeadershipClick To Tweet

Get Started with Social Selling

Using the right profile picture and optimizing your profile with buyer-centric messaging are the first steps to becoming effective digital sellers. However, there is still so much more to learn about the art of social selling.

Join Viveka von Rosen on this FREE Social Selling webinar training and generate more high-quality leads using the largest B2B networking platform in the world!

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