Making the case for Employee Advocacy

From Employees to Ambassadors, Vengreso helps organizations extend their brands’ reach exponentially. Learn How

What will employee advocacy do?

Employee advocacy will extend employee social networks, increase the brand’s reach, and ultimately drive more sales.

  • Drive more website traffic and increase lead generation
  • Support social selling success
  • Create more buyer conversations
  • Extend the brand’s reach
  • Contribute to more closed deals
  • Increase employee referrals
  • Accelerate confidence and pride in the company

Why does employee advocacy work?

Employee advocacy works best when the employees recognize how participating will benefit them professionally.

  • Being seen as a thought leader among their peers
  • Helping friends and family better understand what they do at their job
  • Sharing the great work their company does
  • Making new connections to advance their career
  • Staying informed about what is going on in their company
  • Enhancing their personal brand
  • Better understanding of their company’s business

How do you make employee advocacy work?

Investment in planning and execution will ensure that employee advocacy is embraced by the company and employees.

  • Is culturally driven
  • Leverages the efficiency of a technology platform
  • Is connected to your strategic objectives
  • Aligns with your campaigns
  • Is Integrated with your existing processes
  • Follows employee advocacy best practices

How could your employee advocacy fail?

If left on its own, Employee Advocacy will not produce the desired ROI.

  • It will not work without a plan
  • It will not run on its own
  • It will not happen without support from leadership
  • It will not be successful if you only share content about your brand
  • It will not be successful if you make it difficult to participate
  • It will not be successful if you don’t customize content for your employees

Why should a company invest in employee advocacy?

Investing is employee advocacy creates long term organization-wide benefits.

  • Leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently
  • Sales reps using social media as part of their sales techniques outsell 78% of their peers
  • Employee referrals have the highest application to hire conversion ratio
  • Employee sharing helps your brand control the conversation during a crisis

Why choose Vengreso to help your employee advocacy program succeed?

Vengreso’s approach to employee advocacy empowers clients and produces results.

  • We provide the know-how to help you launch a successful employee advocacy program
  • We partner with employee advocacy technology providers to provide solutions ranging from 10 employees to thousands
  • Vengreso walks the walk too. Within our first three months, we created over 200K impressions on social media posts through our employees, resulting in brand awareness and traffic that exceeded even our expectations
  • We create useful content about employee advocacy all the time. Check out our podcasts and videos

Our 5 Point Employee Advocacy Program Ensures Your Success

We provide consultation, management and execution support services.

  1. Training – it starts with the “why” to empower employees to want to engage authentically
  2. Governance – give your employees the “do’s and don’ts” they need so they are confident when they engage in social media
  3. Content – we’ll ensure your employees have the right mix of content to share online
  4. Platform – we’ll help you set up and implement the right technology solution to suit your needs enabling your program to launch, scale and provide metrics to measure impact
  5. Pilot – we’ll help you plan and launch a pilot to ensure success before you roll it out company-wide

Contact us to learn how Vengreso and our 5 Point Employee Advocacy Program can work for you.

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